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Mon Nov 13 12:32:19 EST 2017

I grew up east of the Iowa/Missouri border, so this boundary dispute was well-known ... and occurred at same time Joseph Smith (Mormons) was at Nauvoo, IL (1839-1844).
In 2006, the Iowa-Missouri border was investigated with GPS, as much an archeology project as locating the historic Sullivan & Brown survey markers.
Iowa-Missouri Border War (1826-1849)

NOAA’s : National Geodetic Survey (NGS) made news in 2009 when media reported that the Four Corners monument was in wrong place (by 2.5 miles).
Deseret News
NOAA statement and clarification
I’m in France and I don’t think that any borders in Europe were defined by astronomical observation, but in the US I believe that at least some of the state borders were thus fixed. As a second’s error in time will be about a nautical mile in US latitudes, I wonder if anyone has measured with GPS, how good the original surveys were?

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