[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-u REF0-REF1 cable

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Wed Nov 15 00:38:49 EST 2017

It's been a few years since I looked at this, but it seems to me that
the message from the receiver to the time processors included an
estimate of the reliability of the satellite data. That estimate depends
on satellites being in the predicted positions. If there is an error,
the time data is marked as invalid.

The old messages had 6 satellites, and the newer messages had 8. The
messages were identical, except that the newer message reported 2 more
satellites. An older time processor would not have been able to handle
the new 8 sat message. So, no, you can't mix old and new RFTG modules.

If this sounds like I know what I'm saying, you may be disappointed.

Bill Hawkins

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Isn't info about what satellites are where, just eye candy and
irrelevant to a real GPSDO?

Tweaks to the elevation mask ought to be measurable in the PPS quality
(if they aren't then they're irrelevant).


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