[time-nuts] Read blocks from 5371a

Jerry Hancock jerry at hanler.com
Sun Nov 19 11:55:27 EST 2017

I’ve been playing around comparing my REF0/REF1 with my 5371a.  I wrote some code that sets the interval time of 1 second and I can read the first block of data of up to 1000 samples (1000 seconds).  All is great.  I can’t figure out though, how to read the next block assuming I told it to read for instance 10 blocks.  I can loop the code but thought what the heck, have the 5371a do it, put the code to sleep until it is about time for it to finish.  

This is over GPIB.  I’ve stared at the docs, etc. You would think there should be a command like “read next block’.



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