[time-nuts] Symmetricom X72 rubidium oscillator breakout board now available

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 19 19:43:00 EST 2017

I have finished my breakout boards for the X72 oscillator.   It consists of two boards connected by a ribbon cable (or you can remove a header and replace with a female and directly connect them or solder the boards together).   Power input is through a 2.1mm barrel connector.  Input caps are rated at 25V, so a max 15V input is suggested.  You can  power it via either board... the connections are in parallel. 

The first board is a small interface board board that plugs into the X72 and breaks out all 26 connections to a 2x13 pin 0.1" pin header.  It also has connections for the SERVICE, LOCK, and 1PPS signals  driven through 1K resistors... can be used to drive LEDs, etc.  Note the 1PPS signal would need to be stretched to drive an LED and the LOCK polarity is such that LOCK is indicated by the LED being off.

The second board is a breakout board that has an RS-232 interface (with selectable 1PPS polarity signal and optional raw/5V regulated power signal available).  It also has BNC connectors for the 1PPS IN, 1PPS out,  EFC IN,  10 MHz output, and selectable user programable ACMOS frequency output / FXO 60 MHz oscillator output.  The breakout board also has 

The boards are assembled and include a 200 mm long ribbon cable (photo shows a shorter cable.  The price is $25 per set shipped in the US.  Overseas shipping is an additional $10 for any quantity.  Contact me off list if interested.
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