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Thanks for that input John. 

> Le 21 nov. 2017 à 21:26, John Ponsonby <jebponsonby at gmail.com> a écrit :
> .
> 7. The RF discharge generates UV. This shines up the beam path and illuminates the bulb coating in the region where the incoming atoms first make contact with the bulb coating. This UV undoubtledly damages the FEP120 coating. The deterioration of the coating may be one of the causes of long term drift.

Your excellent contribution addresses an issue of long term drift but Dana Whitlow’s question in a previous post which I repeat here related to a short term issue.

«  On the day of eye passage over the site ( of the eye of a hurricane) the frequency suddenly decreased by a few parts in 10^14, held about constant for roughly a week,then
resumed almost its original value and drift rate thereafter. « 

Maybe you could shine some light on that reported temporary frequency offset. 

> Cheers
> John P
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