[time-nuts] eBay GPS antenna test results.

John Green wpxs472 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 16:43:55 EST 2018

To those who doubted that the antenna was actually a 3.3 to 18 volt design,
it seems you were correct. Today, I hooked it up to a variable power supply
and slowly raised the DC voltage fed to the antenna. It began to pull
current at about 2.9 volts and at 3.3 volts, took about 40 mA. I continued
to slowly raise the voltage. At about 7.5 volts, the current suddenly
dropped to 10 mA. At just below 12 volts, it suddenly increased to 80 mA
and the supply went into current limit. I increased the current limit to
130 mA and repeated the exercise. Everything went as above until I reached
12 volts and the current went to 130 mA and the supply went into current
limit. Lowering the voltage didn't lower the current. I disconnected it,
waited a minute, and tried again. Yep, shorted. It would have worked well
with the T bolt, but would have blown anyway if I tried to use it with my
12 volt supply and bias T. I guess I will get inside it somehow to see if
it can be repaired. My first attempt ended in failure. I guess I need a
bigger screwdriver with which to pry the top off. I am going to contact the
seller and tell them it was not as advertised. I kind of doubt that will
get me anything, but it won't hurt to try. There is a saying about
experience being a cruel teacher. You get the results first, and the lesson
after. Oh well.

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