[time-nuts] eBay GPS antenna test results.

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Fri Feb 9 17:37:25 EST 2018


Is it labeled 3.3 to 18V on the antenna?


> On Feb 9, 2018, at 4:43 PM, John Green <wpxs472 at gmail.com> wrote:
> To those who doubted that the antenna was actually a 3.3 to 18 volt design,
> it seems you were correct. Today, I hooked it up to a variable power supply
> and slowly raised the DC voltage fed to the antenna. It began to pull
> current at about 2.9 volts and at 3.3 volts, took about 40 mA. I continued
> to slowly raise the voltage. At about 7.5 volts, the current suddenly
> dropped to 10 mA. At just below 12 volts, it suddenly increased to 80 mA
> and the supply went into current limit. I increased the current limit to
> 130 mA and repeated the exercise. Everything went as above until I reached
> 12 volts and the current went to 130 mA and the supply went into current
> limit. Lowering the voltage didn't lower the current. I disconnected it,
> waited a minute, and tried again. Yep, shorted. It would have worked well
> with the T bolt, but would have blown anyway if I tried to use it with my
> 12 volt supply and bias T. I guess I will get inside it somehow to see if
> it can be repaired. My first attempt ended in failure. I guess I need a
> bigger screwdriver with which to pry the top off. I am going to contact the
> seller and tell them it was not as advertised. I kind of doubt that will
> get me anything, but it won't hurt to try. There is a saying about
> experience being a cruel teacher. You get the results first, and the lesson
> after. Oh well.
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