[time-nuts] SRS PRS10 breakout board

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 16 19:36:19 EST 2018

Recently I was alerted to a 24 hour closeout special for the weirdo hybrid DSUB connector used by the SRS PRS-10  and FRS rubidium oscillators.  I scored 45 of them for dirt, dirt cheap.   I can get the special coax inserts from Mouser (around $12 each... ugh).   

Soooo... I'm going to do an interface board to connect the PRS-10 / FRS devices to my X72 BNC connector board  (new version also has SMA support).  Contact me off list if interested.  SRS wants $150 for their SRS-10 breakout board or $40 for the connector alone... I'm shooting for $40-$50, assembled,  for the 2 board set.  

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