[time-nuts] SRS PRS10 breakout board

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 19 00:40:06 EST 2018

I've finished a layout for the PRS10 interface board.

The board has a few features not on the SRS PRBB breakout board:

1) PPS output is buffered by an ACMOS gate.  The PRS10 PPS output is very weak.

2) Added a sine wave squarer for generating an ACMOS level square wave output.

3) Added a pin header jumper block for configuring the board for the PRS10 configuration.  The PRS10 has four dual-function pins.  The function of the pins is determined by resistors inside the PRS10.  The SRS PRBB  board uses some (undocumented) solder jumpers.

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