[time-nuts] Motorola M12+ breakout board

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 16 21:42:30 EST 2018

BTW,  forgot to mention, I also have a board that has a MAX232 RS-232 converter, DE9 connector, voltage regulator (can use 3.3 or 5V), and connectors/mounting holes for the CN06, Adafuit, and Trimble Resolution-T receivers (also works with the SV6, ACE, etc receivers with the 2mm 2x4 connector).   It has a programmable polarity 1PPS driver for the DE9 connector.  There is also a small proto area and a footprint for an ATTINY processor.  There is a jumper that lets you power the circuit/GPS from either the regulator or the DC input jack and a jumper for connecting the DC jack to the DE9 connector (or you can wire the regulator to the DE9).

I wan't planning on building more, but if there is interest...  
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