[time-nuts] Lady Heather v6.0 supported devices

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 21:12:33 EST 2018

I have received several requests for a list of devices currently supported by the v6.0 Beta of Lady Heather:

     GPS Receivers:
        Jupiter-T  (aka Zodiac)
        Furuno GT-8031 ($PFEC commands ... not yet tested)
        GPSD interface (mainly a Linux thing - provides a shared read-only
                   interface to numerous GPS devices)
        Motorola binary 
        Sirf binary
        NVS binary (115200:8:N:1)
        Trimble TSIP binary receivers
        Trimble TAIP receivers
        Trimble SV6/SV8/ACE-III
        Trimble Accutime / Palisade receivers
        Ublox UBX binary 
        Venus mixed binary / NMEA

     GPSDO's (GPS disciplined oscillators):
        Brandywine GPS-4 GPSDO
        DATUM STARLOC II GPSDO - inferior wannabe Thunderbolt - buggy firmware
        Jackson Labs LTE Lite
        Lucent RFTG-m GPSDO
        Lucent KS24361 REF0/Z3811A  Z3812A
        NEC GPSDO ... STAR-4 compatible at 115,200 baud
        UCCM - Trimble / Symmetricom GPSDOs
        Oscilloquartz STAR-4 GPSDO (management interface)
        Oscilloquartz OSA-453x GPSDO
        SCPI - Nortel telecom GPSDOs like NTWB and NTPX in SCPI mode
        SCPI (Z3801A/Z3815/Z3816/etc style)
        SCPI (HP5xxxx style)
        TruePosition GPS
        Trimble TSIP binary GPSDOs (like the Thunderbolt and numerous 
          "telecom" GPSDOs.
        Zyfer Nanosync 380 (19200:8:N:1)

    Atomic frequency references:
       HP 5071A cesium beam oscillator
       Spectratime/Temex LPFRS rubidium 
       Spectratime SRO100/SRO70 rubidium 
       SRS PRS-10 rubidium oscillator
       Symmetricom SA22 rubidium (60 Mhz and 58.9824 MHz ref freq)
       Symmetricom X72 rubidium
       Symmetricom X99 rubidium

       Acron Zeit WWVB receiver
       Gravity/solid earth tide clock (uses system clock to display 
          solid earth tides and gravity offset,  Requires manual entry
          of latitude/longitude/altitude)
       No receiver, uses system clock. 

    Time and frequency counters:
       Generic frequency/time interval counters
       HP531xx counters
       PICPET simple timestamping interval counter chip
       TAPR TICC time interval counter

       Simple terminal emulator

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