[time-nuts] Selling Time and Frequency Equipment Or "just saying"

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Sat Feb 24 17:14:10 EST 2018

First, full disclosure, I have no vested or financial interest in the
5065A he is selling.

Now the 2816A prefix is the last series built so the most modern.
The last one I remember on eBay went for OVER $4000.00

Comparing a 5065A to a Cesium (except maybe a working 5071A for the same
price)\is worse than Apples and Oranges.

Ask Bert who got rid of his 5065A years ago because he had a Cesium, he
regrets that now and just got a new one!

A 5065A buyer is looking for the best short term stability he can find
(nominal 1.5X10-13th at 100 Sec)
Keeping on frequency is easy via GPS comparisons.

A Cesium buyer want NIST traceable accuracy "out of the box" and never
(practically) having to adjust the frequency. The Cesium will be worse
when  compared to the 5065A at shorter Tau even if it has a high
performance tube.

Another thing to consider when buying a Cesium is what is the condition
of the tube. The tube will die, just don't know when. (probably at the
most inconvenient time!), and lets not ask what a replacement tube costs!

There is no perceptible wear mechanisms in play for the 5065A (I have
seen exactly one failed lamp in many years of working on them) Many of
the first 1968 series built will still perform to specs today.


Just saying!



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