[time-nuts] 5065's out there...

Ulf Kylenfall ulf_r_k at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 24 11:25:38 EST 2018

My two units:
848-00131    Replaced Rb cavity all together with fresh electromechanics from -00107 unit.Also replaced the AC Amplifier with later (improved) version copied from HP manual.
836-00107    Scrapped since someone robbed it of the Quarz oscillator.The Rb cavity was used in -00131 above. The cavity was of a newer batchand had the light brown-greyish color of later generation HP instruments.Will use whats left of this unit for parts.
When salvaging parts I noticed that the RX cell SRD driver module did nothave any output and that someone had tried and failed to open the unit.
I experienced the same thing. My own "first" unit failed after having beenin operation for a week. I replaced the final (TO-5) transistor with a 2N5109and one of the other FET's with a 2N4416. This was exactly the samefaults in the scrapped unit's driver module. Possibly why that one was cannibalised anddecomissioned.
Ulf Kylenfall

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