[time-nuts] Selling Time and Frequency Equipment

John Miles john at miles.io
Sat Feb 24 17:32:44 EST 2018

> To echo Attila, just sayin.....

$4000 is up there, but not outrageous IMO.  If you have a $4000 budget and don't actually need a primary standard, a well-kept 5065A is a good way to go.  At taus less than a few hours they can outperform the best 5071As, even before Corby's mod is applied.  And they can be left powered on full time.

You can't do any better for the same money, put it that way.  5065As with the optical-filter mod are more appropriately compared to passive H-masers than to cesium standards.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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