[time-nuts] "Super Rubidium" filter mod for PRS-10?

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sun Feb 25 05:22:49 EST 2018

In message <CAPXiX5p8u5ur=ZyxmcJhmvC5fJ5v8QvboffcQEO9kk_tWXwTiw at mail.gmail.com>, Stewart Cobb writes:

>What about the SRS PRS-10? By some indications, it's the best
>current-production rubidium around. It doesn't have separate filter and
>resonance cells, but other than that it seems like a good design. And the
>time constants and such are digitally tunable. Is the PRS-10 worth trying
>the filter mod on?

Apart from being able to fit the filter in mechanically, the only risk
I see is that the microcontroller might know the correct ratio of "stray"
light to "signal" light and get upset.

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