[time-nuts] "Super Rubidium" filter mod for PRS-10?

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Sun Feb 25 06:26:05 EST 2018

I still stand by FRK, next to HP largest cell, Corby did it with a M 100 much more difficult. I started on a FRK but because of a macular hole in my left eye had to stop.First  test  should be to change time constant and monitor performance.Remember the outstanding performance  of the HP is do to the fact that the optical unit takes over somewhere around 0.1 seconds.FRK is well documented and easy to work on.We have pictures have to compress to attach to time nuts or contact me off list.Again if some one wants to take over please contact me directBert Kehren 

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>What about the SRS PRS-10? By some indications, it's the best
>current-production rubidium around. It doesn't have separate filter and
>resonance cells, but other than that it seems like a good design. And the
>time constants and such are digitally tunable. Is the PRS-10 worth trying
>the filter mod on?

Apart from being able to fit the filter in mechanically, the only risk
I see is that the microcontroller might know the correct ratio of "stray"
light to "signal" light and get upset.

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