[time-nuts] Beware the Casio WaveCeptor analog watch

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 18:52:15 EST 2018

 Hello Time-Nuts,

For many years I owned a Casio WaveCeptor digital watch and like it a
lot.  The down side was that the battery had to be replaced every few
years.  And since I had worn it for many years, the plastic case and
crystal had taken quite a beating.  Finally, the pin holder that
secures the band broke - end of watch (except as a 'pocket' watch).

So, I went out and bought a solar powered analog version of the
WaveCeptor (and vowed not to take it caving).  However, several months
ago I needed to take an action at an exact time (not ebay) which was a
miserable fail.  I found that the watch was over a minute off.

I went back and explored the watch manual and found that there is a
procedure to sync the minute and second hands.  I did this and after
syncing to WWVB all was good.

Now, a couple of months later I needed the precise time again.
However I checked my watch before hand and found that it was 8 seconds
off.  Ahrg!

It appears that the stepper motor position of the second and minute
hands can be jarred out of sync with normal wear bumps and shocks.
The trouble is you don't know when it happens (unless you check your
watch against a trusted source often).

Now I'm seriously considering buying a solar version of the digital
watch to get rid of the problem.

Skip Withrow

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