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Ronald Held ronaldheld at gmail.com
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Thanks for all the information. Have not kept up with the price, but
~$6K  is too much to afford right now  By the time I can I hope it
doesn't go up .


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On 1/20/18 5:05 PM, Ronald Held wrote:
> I am thinking of buying a CSAC plus evaluation board.
> Eventually I might want to make it portable. Any suggestions including
> where to buy it?

MicroSemi is the manufacturer - Find a distributor and order it.

For instance, Digikey has the CSAC ($5312.50) and the eval board ($928.75)

portable isn't a problem - just run it off batteries.

It's pretty easy to hook up - power, 1pps in and out and 10 MHz out
(they have versions that put out 5, 10.24, and 16.384 MHz too).

A serial port to control the device

The eval board has SMA connectors, a sub-d for the serial port, and
comes with a wall wart to run it.

Download the Microsemi CSAC UserGuide for more info

you can fool with the disciplining algorithm, etc.
It's a low power device compared to a OCXO (<120mW)

They're a pretty nifty device, even if the price more than tripled in
the last couple years.

Jackson Labs makes some integrated systems using CSAC, I believe.

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