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Patrick Barthelow apolloeme at gmail.com
Tue May 1 06:35:36 EDT 2018

I have viewed with interest recent discussions of  GPS datums, and
accuracies, and GPS precision use methods.
What I offer here,  may or may not  be well known amongst the group.

I am researching how  to precisely  locate and monitor,  Astronomical
instruments that are used in VLBI studies
I have discovered a way to locate the optical (or microwave) path and
geodetic location of the prime focus of,  a large parabolic dish on
the various Geodetic references,  (geoid, spheroid, ellipsoid) with extreme
precision.  And to do so to even accommodate where the prime focus is, as
the dish or
Telescope moves in Azimuth and elevation.
A govt agency called UNAVCO, has publicly available data networks primarily
in Western USA of PBO   Plate Boundary Observatories


that Monitor with extreme precision, the location and time history of each
PBO site, to mm precision.
I am not an expert at VLBI, rather a novice.  But I know that precision
timing and Geodetic location of
monitoring instruments is a fundamental baseline to what VLBI, Plate
Tectonics, GPS, do.
So if anyone is interested in a vast resource of Geo Location information,
with huge networks of PBO sites,  check the UNAVCO site out:

Some friends that manage the Pisgah radioobservatory mentioned to me that
they have a UNAVCO 24/7 precision GPS permanent
station on Pisgah,  that has two large dishes, once used for military
surveillance purposes.  Used to be known as the Rosman site.
They do  Educational and research activities now.  their site:
I don't know if this list accommodates images, but I will imbed one of the
UNAVCO site that exists on the PARI site.
if it does not print here, then go to the site, for the same image.
Here is a PBO site at  Pisgah Observatory:

Best, 73,   Pat Barthelow AA6EG
apol <apolloeme at gmail.com>loeme at gmail.com

*"The most exciting phrase to hear in Science, the one that heraldsnew
discoveries,  is not "Eureka, I have found it!"    but:*
"That's funny..."  ----Isaac Asimov
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