[time-nuts] nuts about position (cheap receiver)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 20:07:23 EDT 2018

For the orbits is says "Precise",  so maybe not even the hourly ones.  I could not find any mention of emu, emr, or igs.

Heather can now spit  out Rinex 3.02 files (at least for GPS/SBAS sats).    I am currently feeding Heather the .raw capture file I sent to Canada and outputting a RINEX .OBS file.  I'll send that off to them and see if there is any difference in the results from the one from RTKCONV.   The RTKCONV processed values for pseudo ranges and carrier phase values seems to have been tweaked from what the receiver sent... they differ by a fractional amount.  


> Was the solution using the NRCan hourly's or the IGS Rapid products ?
(It should say in the email response or the <foo>.sum file: the
'Satellite orbits/clocks' lines seem to have 'emu', 'emr' or 'igs' for
the NRCan hourly/UltraRapid, Rapid and Final solutions respectively).

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