[time-nuts] nuts about position (cheap receiver)

Gabs Ricalde gsricalde at gmail.com
Fri May 4 07:16:25 EDT 2018

I submitted 4 days (118-121) of RINEX files from an IGS station to
CSRS-PPP, but with only the GPS C1, L1, and S1 observations. This is
similar to what cheap receivers would be generating, but with probably
lower noise. emr clocks/orbits were used. The east/north/up
differences between the PPP solutions and the latest IGS solution
(week 1996) in meters are:

   E      N      U
 -0.29  -0.05   0.14
 -0.01   0.12   0.03
  0.10   0.11  -0.04
 -0.04   0.02   0.65

The reported 95% sigma is 0.26m (longitude), 0.24m (latitude), 0.63m (elevation)

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