[time-nuts] TruePosition GPSDO Holdover Issues

gandalfg8 at aol.com gandalfg8 at aol.com
Sun May 13 10:27:07 EDT 2018

Ok, I give up....

 I've been logging this with Lady H and was watching again this afternoon as the sat count dropped but this time there was no dropping into holdover as the number of sats dropped from four to three....damn, it just carried on doing its thing until the count went up again:-)

I'm still seeing the occasional reported random holdover event but am still no nearer to knowing why.

Otherwise it's a nice unit and does handle the holdover well, even a longer event yesterday whilst there was a supposed antenna fault didn't reflect into the frequency plots, but time to call a halt for now.

Nigel, GM8PZR

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