[time-nuts] TruePosition GPSDO Holdover Issues

gandalfg8 at aol.com gandalfg8 at aol.com
Sun May 13 13:13:33 EDT 2018

The location at 55N, 5W, isn't ideal, there's quite a large hole to the north but this isn't something I've seen here before with any other GPS module or GPSDO.

When first noticed I'm sure it was whilst tracking six or seven sats, it was certainly five or more, which is why I commented in the first place, it was only later I thought there might be some correlation with it tracking low numbers.

There doesn't seem to be any adjustment for elevation mask on these, at least not via Lady H, but I've switched now from a flat survey antenna to a Symmetricom pod on a stub mast, so I can cheat a bit and angle it south slightly:-)

It'll take some time to build up a picture of the effect of that but it's tracking 8 sats at the moment.
Inmarsat-3, PRN120, seems to have joined in the mix now and keeps popping on and off the bottom of the list but I'm not sure whether or not that could contribute anything useful anyway.

Nigel, GM8PZR

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