[time-nuts] Question about frequency counter testing

Oleg Skydan olegskydan at gmail.com
Mon May 14 05:25:07 EDT 2018

Hi Bob!

From: "Bob kb8tq" <kb8tq at n1k.org>
>> I think it will be more than enough for my needs, at least now.
>>> From the 2.5 ns single shot resolution, I deduce a 400 MHz count clock.
>> Yes. It is approx. 400MHz.
> I think I would spend more time working out what happens at “about 400 
>  MHz” X N or
> “about 400 MHz / M” …….

If such conditions detected, I avoid problem by changing the counter clock. 
But it does not solve the effects at "about OCXO" * N or "about OCXO" / M. 
It is related to HW and I can probably control it only partially. I will try 
to improve clock and reference isolation in the "normal" HW and of cause I 
will thoroughly test such frequencies when that HW will be ready.

All the best!

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