[volt-nuts] Low thermal EMF solder

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Fri Dec 18 03:18:15 UTC 2009

Mark Sims wrote:
> Bruce,
> The Cd:Sn eutectic point is at 30:70,   but the magic low thermal emf foo powers seem to happen in the 60:40 to 70:30 range...  at least that is what all the references that I have found say. 		 	   		
According to an article in  J Sci Instruments thermal emf against copper 
is about 300nV/C for the eutectic.

If you read Russian the following article from 1956 covers a wide range 
of Cd Sn solder compositions and temperatures:

suggests a low Sn lead tin solder (Sn:Pb 10:90)

Suggest a minimum in the thermoemf at about 18% tin.
See the Czech article for the theoretical basis.


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