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make sure you don't get problems from copper oxide build up which has a very 
high thermal emf against copper.
I think you're likely to puncture any thin oxide layer when making a 
connection, so I'm not sure this is really a problem in practice. An 
application of something like Deoxit would hopefully solve it anyway.
With gold plating I presume the temperatures either side of the plating at 
the point of contact will so similar that very little emf will be generated 
independent of what plating material is used.
Tables of thermal emf vs. copper  show brass produces quite a low voltage. 
I've never seen the figure for tellurium copper quoted.


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my name is Gerd and this is my first post to the group.

I have a question to the experts:

In an older thread, binding post's from POMONA, the 3770 shall be
the first choice, if low emf is required. These binding post are made
of tellurium copper alloy, which make this low thermal emf possible.
Do you aggree ?

I'm not sure :
The area which 'makes' the electrical connection is gold, not the
the alloy. So why not use any other gold plated quality connector ?

Thank you !



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