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Greg Burnett gbusg at comcast.net
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Hi Randy,

I maintain multiple standards for voltage and resistance. Before 2006 I 
performed intercomparisons daily. After that I dropped back to monthly. I'm 
not currently doing intercomparisons, so I need to get caught-up and get 
back to doing that.

I send one 10Vdc std and one 10k ohm std to a primary standards lab every 
few years. I trend them based on their historical data.

The main reason I maintain 10Vdc and 10k ohms is to verify those cardinal 
points on my HP 3458A DMMs - and for artifact cal of them when necessary.


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I'm curious to know if people are maintaining their own standards of voltage 
and resistance.  If so, do you have a single standard or multiple?  How 
often do you send your standard(s) for calibration?  How often do you 
perform comparisons between your multiple standards?

Do you maintain a standard "just because" or do you use it to calibrate 
other equipment (e.g., artifact calibration of a multimeter)?



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