[volt-nuts] Poll

J. L. Trantham jltran at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 31 01:20:35 UTC 2009


I have two Fluke 731B's, one black face, one white face, both from the
'bay'.  I had to fabricate a battery pack for each of them using standard AA
or AAA cells and a collection of battery holders and double sided foam tape
to hold the packs to the 'battery bracket'.   If my memory serves, the
batteries I found were within 100 mAH capacity of what the manual called for
and everything has worked well so far.  I have never sent them for
calibration.  I use them to have some reasonable reference in my workshop.
I have two Fluke 8050A's and an HP 3478A all of which were calibrated in
their past lives but never by me.  There is agreement between the 8050A's.

At 10 Volts, one 731B reads 10.000 and the other reads 9.999 on the 8050A's.
On the 3478A, one reads 10.0003 and the other reads 10.0005.  On 1 V, one
reads 1.000 and the other reads 0.999 on the 8050A's.  On the 3478A, they
both read 1.00003.

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