[volt-nuts] Generating a square waveform 2Gbps

Predrag Dukic stijena at tapko.de
Sun Apr 18 18:51:16 UTC 2010

Most modern FPGAs include a number of high  speed differential transceivers,

like SATA or PCI express. I believe they satisfy your demands, and 
replication of outputs

could be trivial, if application does not demand precise edge alignment...

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>Hi list:
>I have reading this list some months, but always in "read-only mode".
>This is my first post.
>My work is a bit strange: I make endurance test on electronic
>components, comparing characteristics
>of the samples before and after the tests.
>My work now is with a module that needs differential input signal
>(LVDS) at 2Gbps.
>Normally we use a commercial pulse pattern generator with differential
>capabilities to test only one module each time,
>but now we need to generate 10 modules simultaneously.
>I have searching integrated circuits working as oscillators able to
>generate signals up to Gbps, but
>I can only find commercial circuits up to Mbps.
>Could you give some good indication, please?
>Best regards
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