[volt-nuts] Precision Reference Supply

Randy Evans randallgrayevans at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 04:22:50 UTC 2010

By marrying the new AD5791 20 bit DAC from Analog Devices with the LTZ1000(A), a variable 0 to 7.2 VDC adjustable voltage refence is possible with 1 ppm accuracy and resolution.  Not a trivial design considering thermoelectric and noise issues but certainly possible ( see http://maxmcarter.com/vref/faq.html for details).  I currently use the surplus HP 3458A voltage reference board from John Daly with the ESI RV722 Kelvin Varley divider for my precision reference source.  I am working on a little more complex design for a 0 to 10.000000 volt precison reference using the AD5791 for my own use.  Has anyone else looked into the device?

Randy Evans


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