[volt-nuts] do you like Labview in your labs?

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Dec 6 15:51:09 UTC 2010

Hi Poul,

I was careful to only include packages that were developed in
a professional manner.  Each is well supported... better than
anything I have ever gotten out of commercial software.  Even
Cinelerra, which at its root is a very Con Amore type of program,
there is a group of users dedicated to making it accessible and
bug free for "the rest of us".

Joshua was rather upset after he finished his dare.  It caused
him to rethink his position in the world.  He did not like going
from darling of the champagne and caviar set to being ignored
by people that would have paid to attend his concerts.  The
metro station they chose was heavily utilized by folks that
would (and have) attend his concerts.. as was verified by "exit

-Chuck Harris

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message<4CFCFA90.4080601 at erols.com>, Chuck Harris writes:
>> And yet, like the philanthropist tossing $100 bills, or Joshua Bell playing
> his heart out in a subway station, they are largely ignored by the masses.
>> Sad.
> Well ... maybe.
> My attitude has always been that I was happy to have only 1% market share,
> provided they were the smartest 1% of the market.
> That is not just a flippant comment, it is a well thought out policy.
> I'm pretty sure that Joshua would equally have hated to see his
> concerts filed with all the people who passed him by in the subway,
> and much prefers to see them filled with the 1% who really cares
> about what he lives for.
> A lot of open source software is written "Con Amore" and the last thing
> you want to get out of spending you spare time on something you love,
> is to be pestered by people who don't "get it".
> In a purely utilitarian or economic sense you are right, it is sad, the
> same way any other waste of resources is sad, but reality is somewhat
> more complicated than that.
> Poul-Henning

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