[volt-nuts] do you like Labview in your labs?

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Back before PCs I was writing doctors office software. The system had one fixed 
and one removable drive plus a 8" floppy drive. I wrote some software to backup 
the removable disk on the floppies as the fixed drive had too much data to do a 
two step backup. Several years later after I was at a new job and my old 
employer wanted me to write a restore program as the fixed disk crashed. Luck 
was with me and the restore worked. I would not have risked it otherwise, so the 
restore program was not "needed" till that point. Hardware was more expensive 
then and good backup systems did not exist at a price the market would bear. Now 
we have so many ways to backup, but hardware is also more reliable that few 
bother to backup a contact list on their cell phone. Insurance is just like 
anything else the price must be close to or exceed the value expected to 
receive. Can the cost of a good backup system exceed the value sure.


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Disk platters were very expensive. I checked the tapes were readable, but
not the files on them. A new car could be bought for about the price of 5



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>>It turns out, the "backup" utility backed up ONLY DP0....  NOT THE OTHER
> Are you saying that you never tested that your backups could be restored ?
>>Sorry, but I am simply not interested in home brew SW, [...]
> Sorry, but this is why I only want the top 1 % of the users...
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