[volt-nuts] Analog Data logger search

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 17:44:55 UTC 2010

Yes, a DMM that does fast data logging to a PC would work fine for those 
that already have one.
It does not make such a great universal solution for most.

Anything under a hundred US dollars is worth considering.
What I'm looking for is a 16 bit, bipolar, solution to upgrade
a small, obsolete, DataQ, RS-232, serial, product that uses the 12 bit ADC 
of a two dollar Pic micro.


 From Marvin E. Gozum marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu

>You can easily do with commercial DMM [ e.g. HP 34401a]
>in the 4.5+ digit range, but what's the working budget?


At 12:57 PM 12/13/2010, WarrenS wrote:

>>Would work nice, IF there is a universally accepted sound card
>>to modify  [for Bipolar DC input] and some existing software that is 
>>The problem many would have with the sound card solution is not
>>being too happy about trying to modify their laptops (or PCs),
>>each with it's own type of sound card.
>>I want this to be something that others can reproduce.
>> From Poul-Henning Kamp
>>>PC data logging capability on a single channel
>>>in the 100 to 1000 samples per second range.
>>Your PC's soundcard ?  16 bits, 40-some ksps, dual channel ?
>>>I'm looking for a low cost and simple solution to replace an
>>>old 12 bit DataQ ADC in my "nut" project.
>>>What I'll like to find is a 16 bit bipolar ADC system or a
>>>four and half digit DVM / multimeter with PC data logging capability
>>>on a single channel in the 100 to 1000 samples per second range.
>>>It would be nice if it was something that does not take a ton of 
>>>time and effort to get working and is readily available and cheap.
>>>Software that allows flexible real time graphing display and simple data
>>>logging on a PC is important.
>>>Cost and overall time and effort to implement, when figuring about ten
>>>units, being important considerations.

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