[volt-nuts] Cheap Oscilloscope measurement of small current?

K3WRY at aol.com K3WRY at aol.com
Thu Nov 4 23:22:24 UTC 2010

You can get a low current probe for use with your scope from auto part  
instruments suppliers.  They use low current probes that cost much less  than 
fluke or HP etc..  I have used them for some time and they work  well.
Dr Joe Palsa
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peterl at standingwave.org writes:

Hello,  all. I'm working (very slowly, but working) on some designs that
will be  battery (and possibly solar) powered sensors with a wireless
data backhaul  (likely 433 or 915MHz).

As part of my never ending quest for more  tools, I'm starting to educate
myself on what I may need to get  measurements on current usage over time
for these devices. I want to be  able to quantify power usage while it is
asleep, sensing, sending data,  etc..."does changing this code shorten
the radio on time?"

I'm sure  Agilent would be happy to sell me a fancy oscilloscope current
probe for  more than my condo cost, but I'm looking for something more
cost  effective.

Suggestions from the hive  mind?



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