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Marv Gozum @ JHN marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Fri Nov 19 16:43:51 UTC 2010

Thanks Chuck.  I well opposing views to balance things out, but your 
link helps the most, given these technologies were way before my 
time, and I presume some others too on the list.

On the ceramic tube:


Note the video is vintage, and will run for over 30min but very well detailed.

At 09:53 AM 11/19/2010, Chuck Harris wrote:
>The thing is Dick's recollection, although flippant, and fun, isn't
>entirely true.  Yes, Tektronix had a ceramics facility that was
>under utilized, but they weren't above getting rid of it wholesale.
>(Which ultimately they did.)
>It required a tremendous amount of retooling to make ceramic CRT's.
>Nothing from the facility that made barrier strips could fit the bill.
>The hydraulic presses were too small to handle the large jug molds.
>The kilns were too small to fire a significant quantity of jugs.
>The ball mills were too small to grind up enough ceramic, the building
>was too small to handle the new larger machines... need I say more?
>The reason ceramic jugs were made is because glass wasn't economically
>suited to flat screen CRT's, and complicated storage CRT's.  Oh, and
>there was another reason, Corning was too expensive at the level of
>quality needed for the flat screen CRT's and complicated storage CRT's.
>If you want to see more of the history, check out:
>The whole ceramic vs glass crt situation is explained in detail...by
>the guys who did the work, and made the decisions.
>This is my last word on the subject.  This is a little far afield for
>-Chuck Harris

Best Wishes,

Marv Gozum

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