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Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 1 21:45:24 UTC 2011

I have the 3458A's set to ACSYNC (but there is not much difference with normal mode readings).  With the 2703 set to 1.00000V at 1KHz,  two of the three 3458A's read within +/- 20 uV.  Same general error percentage at 10V and 100 V.  I haven't done a lot of testing at odd voltages.  I may try to get Swerleins's algorithm up and running on my GPIB computer.  The other 3458A needs to be hardware calibrated...  I'm waiting for the room temp to get a little warmer before dragging out the 732B and SR104.

Things start getting weird at 100 KHz.  I found a one combination of lead/ground connections on one of the 3458A's where the reading does not change much between 1KHz and 100 KHz.   Most combinations and the other 2 3458A's have around a 400 uV change between 1KHz and 100 KHz.   The error at 10 KHz is not much different than 1 KHz/100 Hz.

There would be a problem fully calibrating the 2703 with the 3458A...  the 3458A only goes to 700 VAC.  The 2703 has a 1000V calibration step.  I could fire up the Fluke 540B,  but that thing is a royal PITA to use.

0.005% at what voltages and frequencies? (Of course 3458A ACSYNC specs are 
worse than 0.005% at mid-band audio, although better than the 2701B's 
specs.) You're setting your 3458A's to ACSYNC mode, right? ...and running 
ACAL ALL first? 		 	   		  

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