[volt-nuts] HP3468A

Bob Smither smither at c-c-i.com
Mon Aug 29 04:55:40 UTC 2011

gbusg wrote:
> Bob wrote:
>> Reset button?  Don't see that.
> The Reset function can be invoked by hitting "blue" (keyshift) key + 
> SGL/TRIG (TEST/RESET). (This might be only labeled "TEST" in blue on some 
> versions.)

Oops!  Found it.  Unfortunately activating it makes no difference.
>> I did this, but no change.  I wonder if the boot process is assuming
>> something that has been lost from the RAM.
> Good question. I'm not 100% sure, but at that point I'd still expect 
> Self-Test to conclude with a displayed error (such as  Calibration
> RAM error, or RAM error, or ROM error).
> So I'm still wondering what/why the CPU (U501) seems caught in an endless 
> RESET loop?
> Does the instrument seem to respond to any front panel keys at all?

Not at all - either plain key press or in combination with the blue key.
> Just as a "sanity" check, it might be worthwhile to make sure *all* front 
> panel keys are free (and that none of them are stuck).

No difference in the endless cycle with any key press.

> Sorry to hear none of the "easy" things were the cause so far.

Me too!

Many thanks for the good suggestions.  I'm going to continue to poke 
around in the digital section and see if I can find a bad part.

Best regards,
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