[volt-nuts] Solartron 7081 testing

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I can probably do this if I can find the time.  Perhaps this weekend.  Will
I be doing anything to upset my 'fresh' calibration?  

Just to make sure I understand the commands, can you send me the command
list with parenthesis around what I need to enter, such as (OUTPUT,RS232,ON)
(DRIFT,OFF), etc.  I don't want to add additional stuff to the command that
should not be there.  I also note there is a 'TEST0' which I think is a zero
but since there is a 'TESTK', I just want to make sure.  I have not read the
manual in detail.  Are these commands discussed in the manual?  Also, do I
need to 'short' the input or just leave it open?  If I need to 'short' the
input, do I 'short' just 'Lo' to 'Hi' or do I need to include the 'Ohm
source' Lo and Hi as well as the 'Guard'?  How long do I need to let the
meter 'warm up' before running the tests?

What ROM upgrade did you do?

Would also love to see the details of your repair.


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Hi, my friends! Hi, Joe!

Now, I examine the characteristics of the Solartron 7081 after ROM upgrade,
PCB repairing and small schematic modifications. I need some help with the
measurements with a known good device 7081, connected to PC with the RS232
and terminal program. Measurements does not require any special input or
input leads at all, only some terminal commands and result logs needed. Step
1: Activate terminal program and log all output to the file. Switch on the
7081. Step 2: Via 7081 front panel buttons select 7x9 mode and TRACK. Step
3: Via terminal program enter the following two commands: OUTPUT,RS232,ON
DRIFT,OFF MODE,TEST0 After that, TSTV0 appears on the 7081 display with ADC
zero measurement results. Step 4: Wait approximately 30-60 minutes while the
statistics are collected and saved to log file. Step 5: Enter the following
commands via terminal program. After each command need a delay about 20-30
sec for result sampling!!! DRIFT,NOW MODE,TEST10 DRIFT,NOW MODE,TEST0

That's all! Now you can stop logging, turn off the 7081 and shut down the
terminal program.

Mickle T.

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