[volt-nuts] Voltage calibrating

Gordon Batey gpbatey at wildblue.net
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Have you found and checked out


It is a neat and low cost package that I found quite helpful.

Good Luck & 73 Gordon WA4FJC
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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 12:37:56 -0600
From: Charles <charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net>
Subject: [volt-nuts] Calibrating an HP 34702A?
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First post :)

Having recently repaired a nonworking $5 hamfest special HP
34702A/34740A (4-1/2 digit DVM/display unit), I am interested in
calibrating it. Without paying many times my purchase price to a

I obtained some sample MAX6325EPA (2.500V +/- 0.02%) which gets me
"pretty close" for the 10V range. I also have a handy 596.5 ohm,
0.01% resistor for the Ohms ranges.

The basic DC accuracy spec for the HP is something like +/- 0.03%
plus 0.01% of range, so I need a better standard than that. Also I
don't have a good way of generating very stable 10 KHz AC signals
to cal those ranges...

Much of the discussion on this list is 7.5 or 8.5 digit meters, so
a 4.5 should be easy for you "Nuts". Any tips?

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