[volt-nuts] Vref experiments

Fred pa4tim at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 20:49:02 UTC 2011

Just for fun I decided to make some DC volt references. The best one has
a short time drift lower as 1uV, the worst one about 40uV. Long term
drift is hard to say, they are still more or less in open air and
temperature is rather extreme chaniging over here the last days.
The last one I made has the posibiliti to use a 5V low drop regulator
and a + - 12V DC-DC converter so it can be used on batteries too. Short
time drift (over 30 seconds) was after an hour (I just finnished it)
around 5uV I not tested it without the DC DC converter. It must be
better without.
for pictures and schematics. On the sidebar ,right on the screen, is a
translate button. It is a bit scrappy but I hope it is understandable
(it translates power supply in to food)

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