[volt-nuts] Vref experiments

Mitch Van Ochten mitch at vincentelectronics.com
Tue Jun 28 00:42:22 UTC 2011

Hello Fred,

What kind of meter do you use to make the 8 1/2 digit measurements?


Mitch Van Ochten

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> Just for fun I decided to make some DC volt references. The best one has
> a short time drift lower as 1uV, the worst one about 40uV. Long term
> drift is hard to say, they are still more or less in open air and
> temperature is rather extreme chaniging over here the last days.
> The last one I made has the posibiliti to use a 5V low drop regulator
> and a + - 12V DC-DC converter so it can be used on batteries too. Short
> time drift (over 30 seconds) was after an hour (I just finnished it)
> around 5uV I not tested it without the DC DC converter. It must be
> better without.
> http://www.pa4tim.nl/?p=2531
> for pictures and schematics. On the sidebar ,right on the screen, is a
> translate button. It is a bit scrappy but I hope it is understandable
> (it translates power supply in to food)
> Fred PA4TIM
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