[volt-nuts] Julie Research Labs Voltage Reference ZVR-506

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I found a pdf of the datasheet which I have sent separately. The part was
used in, among other things, a JRL voltavider. I have a voltavider but the
voltage reverence was lifted and replaced with something far worse. If you
need I can dig it out and try to document the connections. No promises that
it can happen soon. You may also be able to get details from
http://www.ohm-labs.com/ who has acquired all of Julie's technology. 


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Fellow Volt-Nuts,


I have in my possession a couple of Julie Research Labs ZVR-506 6V zener
references that came out of some gear that was manufacturer in the 1970's. I
have not been able to find detailed information on them only generalised
specifications. Does anyone have and detailed information on the pin
connections. It is a small cube 7/8 inch and uses a 9 pins on the base that
fit a standard valve type socket.




Steve Grady

Sydney Australia



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