[volt-nuts] Julie Research Labs VDR-106 manual?

Steve Byan stevebyan at verizon.net
Tue Apr 17 12:02:00 UTC 2012

On Apr 17, 2012, at 2:17 AM, Demian Martin wrote:

> Steve-
> I sent you a copy on a separate e-mail. Its 5 MB. I hope it gets through.

Thanks, Robert Atkinson sent me a copy also. They both are the same scan, but curiously your PDF is 200 kB smaller; it was modified the day after it was scanned.
> It's a KV divider, I have the VDR106-7 which has the .1 ppm resolution (7
> digits). The manual covers all the variations. Its still pretty much state
> of the art, which has not moved much. The next level really is a JJ array,
> not really a hobbiest possibility.

Yes, it's quite a nice piece of gear. Now it's time to get serious about getting a good voltage standard :-)

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