[volt-nuts] Fluke 335A versus HP 740B

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Sat Dec 15 05:00:50 UTC 2012

I am not familiar with the HP 740B.  It looks like it needs a special
connector for the front panel to get an output or input.  If true, I would
score that as a negative.

I have a 335A that had some problems when I got it.  Turned out it was just
some dead electrolytic caps that were identifiable by sight, bulging, etc.
I replaced them and all was well.  The manual is readily available.  It uses
binding posts for connection.  It recently developed a new problem, the
'Overload' light is continuously illuminated though the output is still
there and accurate.  I suspect a transistor issue but have not had a chance
to explore yet.

You will need a 5 1/2 digit DMM, minimum, to be able to see the 1 uV change.
Measuring that is a bit of a challenge in that it is not stable, voltage
source, meter, temp changes, etc., all playing a role.  However, I seem to
recall you have a Solartron 7081 so you can watch the 1 uV all the way up to
10 V.

I have been looking for an affordable 335D but, so far, have not found one.
However, I found a Fluke 5440B/AF.  It just arrived recently, seems to work
on initial, superficial, check out, but I have not had a chance to
incorporate it into my rack yet or investigate it's stability.  

However, at the current price, why not get all three, 335A, 335D, and 740B?


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Both DC Voltage standards up to 1000V or so, and also null differential

Also both being sold by the same vendor as the other stuff

Do the assembled mavens have a view as to which is preferable?


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