[volt-nuts] Solartron 7061 help request (eeprom?)

FabioEb at quipo.it FabioEb at quipo.it
Sun Feb 26 09:18:55 UTC 2012

Hello everybody, this is may first message in the list,
I hope it's the right place to discuss this topic.

Recently I added to my small collection a solartron
7061 multimeter (all the collection is made by another
7060 solartron and a fluke 8520a).
It seem to function properly, only it is off calibration.
When I first powered on it show the message "initialized"
on the main screen.
After trying a bit the various voltage and resistance ranges
I realized that it was off calibration, errors were in
the half percent order and also changing range changed the
error, but the measurements all were about right, so I hope
there aren't big failures in the analogue board.

After I turned the calibration key and entered the cal
menu, soon the instrument showed the "cal not done" message,
I returned the cal key on normal position but now
the instrument shows "calo" message to the side of measurement.
Also I tried starting it without the dq2816a eeprom
and it had the same behaviour than it had with it mounted.
The Nicd battery is also dead.

I'm suspecting the EEPROM DQ2816 IC113, does the instrument
store there the cal constants?

I found the operating manual on internet but no luck finding
service manual or schematics.

Help is very appreciated, with the intrument and also
in finding the service manual.

I have put some photos here:

Thank you.

Fabio Eboli.

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