[volt-nuts] Solartron 7061 help request (eeprom?) (Fred Schneider)

Marvin E. Gozum marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Tue Feb 28 16:34:05 UTC 2012

Hi Bill, do you know what the 7061 power consumption is?

The 7061 user manual states < 40VA.  Is that accurate?

The HP 3456a manual states 80VA, but I measured actual consumption a 
watt meter, it draw 25W in operation.  Also, no parts I worked on 
were too hot too touch.

At 09:01 PM 2/27/2012, Bill Ezell wrote:
>I have several 7061's and 7081's. They're both excellent meters and 
>tend to hold calibration for a long time. My 7081 easily stays 
>within a few ppm/year. (checked against my Fluke-calibrated Datron 4910's)
>In answer to a few of the questions recently asked:
>The battery is only for backing up stored readings and settings. The 
>calibration values are in the eeprom, twice. So, unless it fails, 
>you won't lose the calibration factors. The purpose of the eeprom 
>refresh is just to do an read/erase/rewrite cycle. It was apparently 
>a concern that eeproms of that vintage wouldn't store values over 
>long times (years) reliably. I've not done a refresh on any of my 
>7061's and haven't had a problem.
>As for heat, the 7061's do run very hot, but that's how they were 
>designed. Not a good idea to put things on top of them without any 
>airspace, though. The hottest area in a properly working 7061 is a 
>small metal-shield box. It has some rather power-hungry IC's (74s 
>series) in it, and it gets too hot to touch. Every 7061 I've ever 
>seen is like that, so I assume it's operating as intended.
>I wouldn't say the transformer runs hot in particular. If you're 
>really seeing that, it's possible you have leaky caps in the power 
>supply, although they'd have to leak a lot without exploding to 
>raise the current drain enough to overheat the transformer. More 
>likely is that it's a ventilation problem. Does your 7061 still have 
>its feet to give it some airspace at the bottom?
>Bill Ezell


Marv Gozum
Philadelphia, PA 

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