[volt-nuts] Fluke 8840A 100 and 1000 VDC ranges read low.

John Phillips john.phillips0 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 22:13:57 UTC 2012

I have calibrated several Fluke 8840A DMM but have never seen one that
needed the 100 or the 1000 VDC range calibrated. The instructions I have do
not say anything about calibration constants for these ranges.
I have changed the 100X voltage devider but that did not help.
10 VDC reads 9.9997
10 VDC on the 100 scale reads 9.985
100 VDC reads 99.915 on 100 scale and 99.81 on the 1000 scale.
1 VDC on the 10 scale reads 0.9999
The 100 to 1 dividers are about 99.995 and 99.997 to one. The 99.997
divider is in the unit now.

What did I not do to get this to work. There must be a step someplace to do
a math cal on the 100 to 1 divider.
Thanks you...
John Phillips

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