[volt-nuts] Solartron 7061 and 7081 Calibration - What is a 'Short Circuit Plug'?

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Sun Sep 2 17:36:17 UTC 2012

Both the 7061 and 7081 manuals refer to installing a 'short circuit plug' as
part of the 'zero' process at the beginning of the Calibration procedure.
However, there is no specific description or circuit diagram of exactly what
a 'short circuit plug' is.  Both the 7061 and 7081 use 4 input connections
with the 7081 also having a 'guard' connection.  Although the 7061 and 7081
use the same connectors, the 7061 manual notes that what is the 'guard' pin
on the 7081 is listed as 'NC' on the 7061.  However, there is a 'REF INPUT'
on the rear panel of the 7061, again with 4 inputs and no 'guard', that is
also to be 'shorted'.


What, exactly, is to be shorted?  The Hi to Lo,  the Hi to Lo and to Guard,
the Hi to Lo and Ohm Source Hi to Ohm Source Lo (with or without Guard to Lo
or Ohm Source Lo), or all of the above (just wire everything together and


I know it shouldn't be that confusing but my plan is to avoid damaging the
front panel connector by inserting a piece (or pieces) of copper wire
directly into the contacts.  Instead, I plan to construct a 'Short Circuit
Plug' from the correct Fischer plug and associated hardware that I hope to
be able to use on both the 7061 and 7081.  Since I am going to this trouble,
I want to make sure I achieve the desired result.


Any help appreciated.





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