[volt-nuts] Resistors for LTZ1000A circuit

Frank Stellmach frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Tue Dec 10 01:41:25 EST 2013

Hello Randy,

yes. It's not necessary to use (molded) metal foil reistors from Vishay.
Precision wirewound resistors, T.C. = 3ppm/K and specified for annual 
drift (<20ppm/yr.) are as good as latter ones.
You may achieve stabilities well below 1ppm/yr. for the reference, if 
you keep the stabilization temperature as low as possible, the A version 
perhaps at 50..55°C, (12.5k/1k or 25k/2k recommended) instead of 45°C as 
for the non A version.

I've described the theoretical background and measurements on my LTZ1000 
references (2 on my own, one identical of another volt-nut) parts #1 
-#6, starting here:


Those 0.1% wirewound resistors, are available from stock, they are 
called "econistors", 8G16, cost around 8$/€ each and are distributed via 
a british company


regards Frank

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