[volt-nuts] Fluke 732A Questions

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi Joe,
As Roy has already said, this is a hypertronics connector. I've had one other piece of equipment with this type of connector, a nitrogen laser. See < http://www.thinksrs.com/products/NL100.htm > The downloadable user manual has details. Sorry, I don't have any, or a cheap source.

Robert G8RPI.

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Subject: [volt-nuts] Fluke 732A Questions

I have reviewed the prior postings on Volt-nuts (a very rewarding review,
BTW)) regarding the 732A and have two questions:

1.        Has anyone determined the part number, or a source, for the mating
plug to J10, the external power connector for the 732A-7005 battery pack?  I
noted some postings recently about this but did not find a definitive
response regarding the identity of this plug.  The alternative would appear
to be a complete replacement of J10 and its plug, as long is it all fits in
the opening in the panel.  I hate to 'bore holes' in vintage equipment.

2.       The oven thermistor in my 'new to me' unit measures 4229 ohms (+/-
an ohm or two) after the unit has warmed up for a week or so.  I note the
manual refers to 3K to 4K for the value of this thermistor when the unit is
'stable' as well as other's posting values in the mid 3500's ohms for their
units.  Should I be concerned?  The unit seems to be stable to within about
2 uV over about a week (as measured by my 3458A - see below).  Should I open
the unit and try to measure the oven temperature or just be satisfied that
the unit seems to be working?

I had to replace the four 6V 4AH SLA batteries and they charged up
appropriately as judged by the front panel LED's.  I had to remove the
'jumper' for the '40' option on the A7 board and connect the jumper to the
'20' and '10' options (total of '30') in order to get the unit to adjust to
10.0000000 VDC on my 'Agilent In Cal'd' 3458A.  

The need to change the jumpers, perhaps, could be just an ageing issue or,
on the other hand, a 'temperature' issue with the oven.

Should I open the unit and directly measure the temperature (supposedly
about 48 degrees C) or just be satisfied with what I have?

My recently added 735C also needed moving some 'jumpers' in order to get it
'on scale', as determined by my 3458A, although it's thermistor measures
about 3330 ohms (after being on for several weeks).

Thanks for everyone's help.


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